Montag, 18. November 2013

Help and donate for the philippines

What happened to Philippines is a disaster and there is as much help needed as possible.

I decided to try get some money for it and make a donation to one of the helporganisations. I have not decided which one but it will be one which mainly helps the children.

So what to do...

...many of you know I have made a calendar for 2014 and I decided to donate a minimum of 5 Euro for each sold calendar. e.g. For the purchase of the big one I will be able to donate about 10 Euro.

What's have to purchase the calendar through this little shop I made for this purpose: only by purchasing through this shop I will be able to do the donation. Payment will be with paypal.

On this site you will find more information about the project, the calendar, about the purchase and shipping.

For all people who think helping is good and I want to support this but  don't want a calendar you can make a donation of 5 Euro as often you like on this site.

Freitag, 8. November 2013

My shop at

I'm happy to announce that I found a shop where my pictures can be ordered and different ways such as Canvas, Acryl, paper only, framed and more more more.

Shipping outside Germany is possible too. Have a look and see for yourself.


Beside my picture you can order thousands of pictures of other artists through my shop. There is so my many fine art to see. Have a look!

Montag, 4. November 2013

In the news und mein Kalender

Ich wurde im Düsseldorfer Anzeiger erwähnt. Dort wurde ein Fotowettbewerb gestartet "Heimatsafari II" und 2 meiner Bilder wurden für den Aufmacher benutzt.

In diesem Zusammenhang wurde auch mein Kalender "Mein Medienhafen - 2014" vorgestellt, an den ich hier auch nochmals erinnern möchte. 12 wunderschöne Motive des Düsseldorfer Medienhafens in verschiedenen Größen von DinA5 bis DinA2. In Düsseldorf selber, ab 11.11.2013 in der Mayerchen Buchhandlung an der Kö, ansonsten finden sich auf der Produktseite bei Calvendo die verschiedenen Anbieter und auch die ISBN Nummern mit denen man den Kalender in jeder Buchhandlung problemlos bestellen kann.