Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Trust yourself when taking pictures.

I want to write a few words about a thing I recognized about me the last times when I was out for photographing.

When I was back home and reviewed my pictures it occurs pretty often that I did multiple captures (I mean dozens of pictures) of the same motive with different compositions and at the end the first or maybe second try was the best for me.

So I started trusting myself and made fewer pictures of the same motive with adjusting things like shutter speed, aperture, Iso for a proper exposure and stopped making little changes for composition. It runs very well and gives me more time to try completely other ways of getting the motive on the sensor or to find other motives to capture.

For me it seems that when I see a motive I very often have a spontaneous idea of how to get it right in that moment and then a process of thinking about it starts and let my intuition die.
What is your experience with that?

Here is a picture which is a good example for it.

Medienhafen Düsseldorf.

I have multiple other ways on my computer but in the end this was my first try and I only adjusted the tower between the poles in its position which was a case of millimetres.

So again - What is your experience with that?

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